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Is the village's fountain poisonous?

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Supported language

Traditional Chinese/Simplified Chinese/Korean

Available on Steam !!


A hull HD remake of Lagoon Lounge on Steam!
What is Lagoon Lounge?
Released on DiGiket in the summer of 2012, Lagoon Lounge is a furry adult visual novel set in a fictional Village.
The second entry, Lagoon Lounge 2 was released in spring of 2013 and the third, Lagoon Lounge 3, in the winter of the same year.
Before beginning work on the fourth entry, a hull HD remake of the first was made to add many new elements to the series.

ラグーン1 ラグーン2 ラグーン3

New features in the remake!
Screen resolution increased from 1024x768 to 1920x1080(1080p)
CG's charactor art, and UI redrawn and revised to fit the resolution upgrade
New charactor and story elements
Screenshot function
Languages switching
For details on these new additions, go to"New Features"


This is the story of young man who lived and worked in the city, but quit due to a decline in his health and is invited by his childhood friend Sousuke to live with him and recover.
He lives in a small village nestled beside a lagoon.
Around the same time, a strange phenomenon has been occuring there.
On the weekends, there are large earthquakes and what sounds like the stomping of giant.
What could be causing those earthquakes and stomps!?
The protagonist gradually uncovers the secret behind them as he spends time with the residents of village.



Sousuke Inami

A hotel employee who can't speak English.
He drives for more than an hour every day from the village to the city on the other side of the mountains for his job.
He lived in the city and was good friends with the protagonist for a short time, but moved to the village due to family circumstances.
The protagonist comes to the village and lives with him in his house.


Gou Sanriku

The manager of the only restaurant in the village, the Lagoon Lounge.
He runs it all on his own after inheriting it from his parents.
After Sousuke moved to the village, they spent much time together and now think of each other as brothers.
He was the catcher on a baseball team.


Yuujirou Urushi

Was Sousuke and Gou’s junior in their school, as well as a member of the baseball team Gou was on.
With him as the pitcher and Gou as the catcher, they were a formidable duo.
He often helps out at Gou’s restaurant, and is also dependent on Gou.
Has made many friends with his open and honest personality, but sometimes he makes strong assumptions and can get very worked up.


Yamato Hitofumi

The Kansai accent-having manager of the village’s new restaurant, The Black Cat Café.
He will have an intense conflict with Gou’s restaurant, the Lagoon Lounge.
Can move quickly despite his weight and a fast talker.
He often changes jobs and now has a wide variety of work experiences.


Arashi Hinomoto

A globe-trotting traveler. He has moved to Harusu for certain reasons.
Without any close friends due to his nomadic lifestyle, he opens up to the protagonist about his loneliness.
Despite his large build, he is actually younger than the protagonist.
He developed a theatrical way of speaking from his experiences as a travelling entertainer.



Appears in the second entry of the series.

New Features

Languages button

click tool button

By clicking the language button in the box in the
lower right corner of the screen,
the displayed text will change

text will change
select language

If you check the languages you want to use
the options menu...


the text will switch to the selected languages
each time the button is clicked.

For example

  • Japanese to English
  • English to Spanish to Japanese
  • Chinese to Korean

There are many possible combinations!
It is also a great tool for learning languages.

Screenshot function

About Screenshot function

By clicking the screenshot button, you can save an image of what’s currently displayed on screen. (The button beside it opens the folder.)

New character

New character

A new character, Arashi Hinomoto,
joins the cast.
He will add new experiences to the village.

New graphics

The character art, backgrounds, UI, and CGs have all been remade to fit the resolution upgrade to 1024x768.
Please enjoy the reborn graphics.



Screen Shot
Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2 Screenshot 3 Screenshot 4 Screenshot 5 Screenshot 6
R-18 Patch

R-18 scenes can be added by applying this patch.

Click to start download the patch

1.Start the patch file

2.Browse for "Lagoon Longe" Folder in Steam directory and ectract it(...\Steam\steamapps\common\Lagoon Lounge)

3.Click [Yes to All]

4.It succeed if [?] thumbnails appear in Gallery Mode!